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9301 Philadelphia Rd
P.O. Box 72550
Baltimore, MD

















Welcome to Iacoboni Site Specialists, Inc.

   For nearly seventy-five years the Iacoboni name has been associated with the utility construction business in the state of Maryland.

   We are a full site work package company of over 125 highly dedicated and skilled employees. We specialize in all aspects of site work including demolition, sediment control, grading, paving, and utilities. Our motto is "We work safely, honestly, and efficiently," and all jobs are performed with this in mind. Clients are always treated with first-rate service and expertise with a view towards cost efficiency and on-time completion of the job schedule.

   The company’s equipment list is a full complement of over 200 heavy pieces of machinery, a long list of trucks and vehicles, and the small tools and equipment that enables each crew to perform to its maximum production in its area of work, which includes most of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.







 The Full Package

Developers and general contractors, are now more inclined to go with a package deal. It is a more simplified structure for them and has the added advantage of dealing with a fewer number of subcontractors who can do all aspects of the business. Iacoboni is one such subcontractor, we provide the full site work package - soup to nuts.

 Of Note

Safety is the number one concern with us. There are no percentages in working unsafe. The company has a safety consultant and a safety superintendent that check the construction everyday. There are safety messages in the pay envelope every week, safety meetings for the employees, safety meetings for the foremen and safety meetings for all employees as a group that include intensive training seminars. If you’re not working safely today, you might as well get out of the business.










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